Saturday, October 30, 2010

Over the past few years the ART senario has experienced a positive change, an overview published on 28th Oct 2010

Over the past few years the ART senario has experienced a positive change, an overview published on 28th Oct 2010, have a look(CELEBRATION times by Times of India)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The latest video by Pratul Dash at New York, "The Story of a Landscape" (2010)

Opening : 29 October 2010, 6:30 to 8:00 pm

Exhibition opens to the public November 01 - December 04, 2010.

Sponsored by Tamarind Art Council

The latest video by Pratul Dash, "The Story of a Landscape" (2010), in the gallery's main hall is an experimental fusion of live action and animation with digitally stitched landscape depicting two of the artist's oil paintings named, "Conch Blower" and "Man with a Camera". The work will extend and amplify the conscientious nature of Dash's recent work, demonstrating an evolution in Dash's practice, with elements not often seen in his past work such as the use of CG animation. The film opens with picturesque landscape, alluding crisscross sections of time and space. When idyllic representations are subverted by the artist's perception, the landscape becomes a site of haunted desolation.

As an artist who was born in a small town in India and migrated to bustling metropolis in his adult life, Dash's art is very sensitive to his environment, reflecting the socio-cultural ethos he inhabits and works from. "Life of a Double", a disturbing dual projection is a product of artist's endless quest to locate the urban and the existence of the human beings in the urban locale.

In "Reflection", the viewer can sense the pain caused by displacement of the self and the physical body, and the struggle of trying to exist in as familiar land as a rightful citizen rather than a refugee.

Pratul Dash is an artist on the rise both at home and internationally. Dash, (b. 1974, Orissa, India) has exhibited extensively in major international institutions and has received numerous awards including, the prestigious Industrial literature society, Biella, Italy in 2005 and a scholarship from the Inlaks Foundation in 2004; the M.F. Husain award from the College of Art, New Delhi, in 1998; and three annual awards from the B.K. College of Arts and Crafts, Bhubaneswar, in 1991, '92 and '93.

Select solo exhibitions by Dash include 'Human Spaces', Sarah Khan Contemporary Art, Schaan, Switzerland, 2010, 'Proxy Origin', Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi, 2008, showcased at both the Indian Art Fair: India Art Summit:2008 and Art Expo India: 2008, 2009 by Ashok Art Gallery, 'Neo-Istoria' at Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi, in 2007; 'UNIDEE in Residency' at Cittadelarte, Italy, in 2004; and those at Krishna Collections Art Gallery, New Delhi, in 2003; Triveni Art Gallery, New Delhi, in 2001; and Rashtriya Lalit Kala Academy, Bhubaneswar, in 1995. Dash currently lives and works in New Delhi, India.

About Tamarind Art Gallery

Established in 2003, Tamarind Art is an innovative forum for Indian contemporary art that inspires and challenges global audiences to embrace an understanding and dialogue about art in today's day and age. Tamarind Art encourages broad-based practices, encompassing a myriad of realms such as painting, sculpture, photography, installations, and video art projects. In addition to showcasing high caliber art, our mission is to become the premiere resource center for gaining an understanding of Indian art and artists who engage themselves into a challenging spectrum of work. In dealing with global issues that reflect contemporary society's concerns while documenting today's reality, rendered in a veritable and expressive light, these artists yield artistic versatility to Tamarind Art.

For more information about Tamarind Art Gallery, please visit our website at

Tamarind Art Gallery is located at 142 E. 39th Street, New York, NY, 10016. Contact us by calling (212) 990-9000 or emailing

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bhubaneswar-based Kanta Kishor Moharana has been creating newspaper sculptures in marble for the last 10 years

Dark Science of Terrorism

Uma Nair, 24 July 2010, 03:01 PM IST
The Times of India

Gallery Espace’s Going Going Gone, had two sculptures that zoomed into the value and volatile nature of headlines in newspapers. And Times Of India as a brand became the subject of an artistic composition. Bhubaneswar-based Kanta Kishor Moharana has been creating newspaper sculptures in marble for the last 10 years and he uses a gun and the imaging expression of a smoky map to give us the metaphor of global terrorism as an urban testimony.In many ways this sculpture also talks to us about the idea of visionary morphism and the re-examination of atrocity in the urban milieu.

This sculpture also comments on modern day society, it is like a global anthology of peace talks that have fallen apart of places and people in jeopardy and the resulting aftermath of ensuing disasters. The gun translates the numberless death tropes in the angst ridden time of terrorism. This sculpture tells us that as a society we have become a wounded generation. And in this climate of wounds our trust has been replaced by a series of politically driven controls.The artist’s position is that of an observer who stands helplessly and watches.

He articulates a raw space in which the newspaper becomes his medium and message-in a world that has been suppressed in its quest for mass consumption. A newspaper as a subject can be the instrument for soul searching dynamics.This sculpture affronts us and asks us to understand the basis of events and the sadness of death .The gun created out of bronze and stuck to the marble becomes the epitome of cultic symbolism. It talks to us about the futility of philosophic predicaments and the dark science of global terrorism that has become the definition of humanity’s angst.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Secreatary Odisha State Lalit Kala Academy, Our beloved Teacher, Mr. Byomokesh Mohanty is no more..

Dear friends, we are so sorry to convey you that our beloved teacher, Mr. Byomakesh Mohanty has passed away today on 14th june 2010 by 4.00pm at his residence Cuttack.

he was a pioneer in the field of Odishan art, a loving human being and we all will remember him. may he reside in heaven with the same dignity what he was for all his life. may his soul rest in peace. we all love you sir.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

SOLO show of Drawings by Purna Behera @ Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi

You are all cordially invited to DIGGING-HISTORY, a solo exhibition of Drawings
On preview at 6.00pm. 26th March 2010 and it will continue till 5th April 2010
At: Triveni Kala Sangam 205, Tansen Marg, Mandi House, New Delhi
Your presence will be a inspiration for me and will love to see you there
Purna Behera

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

FACE OF THINGS TO COME ? a SOLO Show by Suchismita Sahoo


Not all that many artists concern themselves much with the urban pedestrian, except to call his attention to the few architectural beauties and multiple horrors that surround him on his 'to-ings and fro-ings'. Thus artists, who protest vehemently against the drab and sordid facade of our hectic times, therefore do a service to society and social living. In Suchismita Sahoo's oils we observe two conjoined faces of the reality, we presently live in. The first and the everlasting one so far is the integrity of nature, of her flora and fauna – bees, birds, beasts, trees, bushes, flowers, the hitherto limpid waters, and the blemishless skies, etc. In all this we sense a calmer, sweeter and more spacious way of life and living. It is this world we constantly turn to after our trying, exhausting labours of sheer survival.

That being so, the artist meaningfully juxtaposes such pure enchantment with its obverse, namely with the distress at and the horror with the plastic that proliferate like weeds in the calmly flowing stream of time. She intends to show the pollution that, through thick and thin abets in the feel of cheapness. The cheapy feel in current living is there for all to see. The revolting can be sensed right in the pit our stomachs. How mindless have we not become, in our search for convenient, time-saving useful objects. However the artist is just and not merely attacking the very existence of synthetic polymers. In her note on her work she finds the plastic enormously enabling for a whole kind of human activity. She is right. However she also realizes that reckless commerce has not taken account of sundry sordid aspects of the material when marketing it. I would say such is its color or hue: Texture matters enormously even as you translate an old time earthen vessel from plain clay into plastic. So that only certain objects from the long past can be meaningfully cast into synthetics – I mean engagingly. The values of
utilitarian service, and those of the contemplative eye better not to be severed, else humanity sooner or later goes berserk. The former value or values are for our material well being, the latter for our emotional or spiritual one. Both better be yoked as a harmonious team.

In the painter's work, we notice an endless number of ingenious plastic products doing the rounds of the city in the hands of humbler seeming folk. By their toil the plastic object gets into the nook and corner of each Indian town and city, giving it a different tone and color than what the natural objects (like wood terracotta or stone) did. Also, even birds and beasts, then begin to take recourse to the cast away plastics to build nests, and beasts to tongue it, if not swallow it. Well, animals or birds in tête-à-tête with plastic objects certainly seem quaint. The flow of civilization changes even the non-human to some extent. These of the painter's works, then, have a bearing upon our future time on earth, and need to be mulled over by all its children. Her work helps give a better sense of proportion to these vital matters. She quickens our sensibilities in order that we hesitate to inflict upon others things that make us wince. It should reveal to us the value of moderation and the beauty of orderliness. By showing a dark aspect, she paradoxically restores our sense of experience that we endeavor to preserve. Only by thus highlighting the two sides of a coin do we become conscious, and then go on to alleviate dire poverty as well ensure our private delight. The artist obliquely instructs us, with the truths she imparts, even as she surprises us with the odd combination: of the mother earth born, along with those objects come of the human brain.

Keshav Malik
Fellow, Lalit Kala Academy

This Show will continue from 27 March to 31st March 2010

At: Open Palm Court Gallery, IHC, Loadhi Road, New Delhi

You reach me online at

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

B.K. College of Arts & Crafts is now included in Odisha Govt. Portal as an imp. destination for turistsin Bhubaneswar

Great News!! Congratulations all B.K. Art college family members and well wishers, now B.K.

College of Arts & Crafts is now included in Odisha Govt. Portal as an imp. destination for turists.
B K College of Art and Crafts (10 km) The college offers higher studies in certain modes of art and craft including wood carving, palm leaf etching, stone sculpture, clay modelling,commercial art, graphic art, line drawing and painting. The college is located in Khandagiri area. It is affiliated to the Utkal University of Culture.Dhauli (9 km) Dhauli is a small hillock rising conspicuously on the southern bank of the river Daya, in the midst of green fields that seem to reach out to the horizon. This is the site where Ashoka waged the final battle against Kalinga in 261 BC. The victory came to him riding over a million corpses bringing him a macabre confirmationof his military prowess that had already earned him the sobriquet, Asoka the Slayer (Chandasoka). Legend has it that the gory sight of the battle with dead men chocking the flow of the Daya river (literally, the river of compassion) that had turned to be a river of blood, filled the heart of the conqueror with an hitherto unknown feeling of compassion and bouts of remorse. He realised the futility of digvijaya (military conquest) and the nobility of dharmavijaya (spiritual conquest). Thus Asoka the Slayer changed into Asoka the compassionate (Dharmasoka). He embraced Buddhism, it is believed, here, at the Dhauli foothill. This is the place where gory deeds were amended by hoary corrections.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Mystery of the Mundane. a solo show by Abhay Panda in Delhi


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rashtriya Lalitkala Kendra regional secretary Shri Ramakrishna Vedala and senior Odia Artist Shri Ramahari Jena speaking at artists presentation

Shri Ramakrishna Vedala, regional secretary, Rastriya Lalit Kala Kendra, Bhubaneswar and National awarded, senior odia Artist Shri Ramahari Jena were expressing their vews on this very new art project named Renewed Intensity, Mr. Vedala has compared the event with other international art projects after witnessing work of all participating artists where Mr. Jena was overwhelmed by this initiation by young brigade of AlumniBKCAC.

An interaction with Jagannath Panda by Dr. Pradosh Mishra at the begining of Artists Presentation

On 25th Jan 2010 at 6PM evening it has started Artists presentation of RENEWED INTENSITY , a public art and site specific art workshop organized by AlumniBKCAC on the eve of Silver Jubilee Celebration, B.K.Art college. The Venue was Rashtriya Lalit Kala Kendra, Bhubaneswar.
This video clip showing the initial phase of presentation where Initiator Dr. Pradosh Mishra is interacting with Curator Jagannath Panda about this project, he's asking question in local Odia language, all other present in dice , Prof. Deba Patnaik, Ramakrishna Vedala, Adwaita Prasad Gadanayak and Ramahari Jena.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Public Art and Site Specific Art workshop, curetted by Jagannath Panda, silver Jubilee in Bhubaneswar

The B.K.Art college Silver Jubilee event started with a national Artists Camp on 20th and a Symposium on Creative Communication. Prof. Kanchan Chakraverti, Art Historian from Santiniketan, inaugurated the symposium on 22nd January 2010. Prof. Ganeswar Mishra, Prof. Sourindra Barik, Dr. Dinanath Pathy and Convened by Dr. Pradosh Mishra. Several aspects of creative communication were discussed with regard to literature and art. The participants focused on methods of communication and its relevance to art and how art needs to be communicated to the audience/viewer. The afternoon session was devoted to the audio-visual presentation by select artists like Ashish Pahi and Kanta Kishore which was coordinated by Dr. Pradosh Mishra. AlumniBKCAC and B.K. College of Art and Crafts are celebrated its silver Jubilee in Bhubaneswar.The celebration begun with the inauguration of a public art and site specific art workshop, curetted by Jagannath Panda initiated by Dr. Pradosh Mishra and coordinated by Ashok Nayak from 20th to 27th of January 2010. This National workshop was organized at the Lalit Kala Regional centre, Bhubaneswar along with various other public sites by the participating artists. The participating artists are Paribartan Mohanty, Prateek Sagar, Anjan kumar Sahoo, Helen Brahma, Kanta Kishor Moharana, Nityananda Ojha, Sudarshan Biswal, Sujit Mallik, Sambit Panda and Veejayant Dash.
Renewed Intensity is an idea to bring back serious passion and attitude towards a new art form, public and site specific art. Worth noting inherent in local culture lies this notion. This is first of such a workshop that we have planned: where artists will create the works with multiple approaches and u different medium, exploring art out of unconventional forms or ideas. It will also explore the possibility of varied aesthetic influences and expressions based on Interactive, Performance, Installation and so on. These artistic activates will attempt to understand inter-relationship of nature, culture, city, politics, fictional text and vital inner life. This workshop will create an environment of diverse art forms for the new viewer/audience. In these eight days, artists will produce art works in relationship between ecology and art in public spaces.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hi BK products, Let’s Celebrate 25 years of Creative Journey at BKCAC campus. Hip hip Hurrah!

In association with
celebrates 25 years of creative journey
from 20th January to 23rd January 2010
at the Campus AMPHI THEATRE,
Tapovan, Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar.

We cordially invite you to
the Inaugural Function as per programme. .

B.K.College of Art & Crafts, Bhubaneswar.

A detailed Programme Folder is enclosed. / 06742384434 9861363802 / 9861067056 / 9437179881 / 9437196078 / 9937900663 / 9437270628 / 9668356837


20th January 2010, 11.00A.M.

Inauguration : National Camp of Students from
different Art College of the Country.

Chief Guest : Sri R.N.Kar, O.A.S.
Director, Culture
Government of Odisha

Guest of Honour : Sri Durga Prasad Das
Odisha Lalit kala Akademi, Bhubaneswar.

Sudharma, Sailesh, Shakti Prasad, Jyoti Prakash, Arvind Tripathy, Dilip Kumar, Ritika, Amitesh, Sugaresh, Nilima, S.Medha Devi, Ajeeka, N. Ripon, Kamei Vikram, Ch. Denni, S. Samuel, Asish Saran, Pallvi, Binoy G., Aswini S., Shijeu R. V. Nair, Prabhu, Yubraj, Bensrajan, Jagdish, V. Bimaleswaran, Y.S.Wamgm,

The camp will conclude on 22nd January and the works will be displayed in an exhibition

Felicitation to teachers and staff members of the college
by the Honbl’e Chief Minister, Odisha

Dr. Dinanath Pathy
(Founder Principal, from 10.1.1984 to 14.9.1994)

2. Sri Siba Panigrahi
(Former Senior Lecturer, Department of Painting From 14.3.1984 to 28.2.2001)

3. Sri D.N.Rao
(Former Senior Lecturer, Department of Graphics – from 6.4.1984 to 9.5.2002
later promoted as Principal government College of Art and Crafts, Khallikote)

4. Sri Chandramani Biswal
(Former Principal, B.K. college of Art and Crafts. – from 15.9.1994 to

5. Sri Debaraj Sahoo
(Former Lecturer, Department of Sculpture – from 1.9.1986 to 31.8.1987)

6. Sri C.K. Samantray
(Former Lecturer, Department of Sculpture – from 23.5.1984 to 31.5.1985)

7. Dr.Alekh Charan Sahoo
(Principal, B.K. College of Art and Crafts from 21.11.2000 continuing)

8. Sri Baladev Prasad Moharatha
(Senior Lecturer, Department of Painting (Indian style) from 19.7.1984

9. Sri Bymokesh Mohanty
(Former Senior Lecturer, Department of painting from 25.11.1987 to 23.12.2009
deputued as Secretary, Odisha Lalit Kala Akademi)

10. Sri Damodar Behera
(Senior lecturer, Department of Sculpture from 4.5.1988 to 18.12.2007
later officiated as Principal Government College of Art and Crafts, Khallikote)

11. Sri Jayanta Kumar Das ,
(Senior Lecturer, Department of Ceramics and Sculpture from 12.12.1986

Sri Gajendra Kumar Padhi
(Senior Lecturer, Department of Applied Art. From 25.9.1991 continuing)

13. Sri Subrat Kumar Mullick
(Senior Lecturer, Department of Painting from 1.2.2006 continuing)

14. Sri Panchanan Sur
(Instructor in Applied Art, from 26.7.1986 to 31.3.1989 - on deputation to
B.K.College of Art and Crafts.)

15. Sri Binayak Behera
(Instructor in Sculpture, from 4.10.1985 to 15.7.1987 on deputation to B.K.
College of Art and Crafts from)

16. Srimati Sailabala Nayak
(Instructor, Department of Painting (Indian Style) from 5.7.1988 continuing)

17. Sri Gajendra Prasad Sahoo
(Instructor, Department of Graphic Art from 12.12.1986 continuing)

18. Sri Manas Ranjan Jena
(Instructor, Department of Painting from 22.8.1991 continuing)

19. Sri Meenaketan Pattnaik
(Instructor, Department of Applied Art & Design from 8.2.1999 continuing)

20. Sri Gagan Behari Mohanty
(Senior Clerk from 15.2.1984 continuing)

21. Sri Raj Kumar Subudhi
(Junior Clerk cum Typist from 02.2.1984 continuing)

22. Sri Ashok Kumar Das
(Class IV Staff from 1.8.1984 continuing)

23. Sri Bharat Chandra Mangaraj
(Class IV Staff class IV from 1.8.1984 continuing)

24. Sri Fakir Mohan Nayak
(Class IV Staff from 1.8.1984 continuing)

25. Srimati Renubala Nayak
(Class IV Staff from 3.8.1984 continuing)

26. Sri Bhubanananda Das
(Class IV Staff from 1.8.1984 continuing)

Sri Chandra Shekher Sethi
(Indigenous Craftsman of Government College of Art and Crafts,Khallikote now
working on deputation basis at B.K.College of Art & Crafts from 4.3.2004

28. Sri Kanthamani Biswal
(Asst. Librarian, H.K. Mahatab State Library, now on deputation at
B.K. College of Arts and Crafts from 9.12.2005 continuing)

Sri Srikant Pati

Sri Subodh Kumar Parida

Sri C.D.R. Biswal

32. Smt. Sudhansubala Sahoo

22nd January, Friday, 2010

11A.M. : Hon’ble Chief Minister will plant a sappling
to mark the Silver Jubilee Celebrations.

11.05 A.M. - Invocation : Rosalina Dash, Student BKCAC

11.10A.M - Welcome Address : Dr.Mona Sharma,I.A.S.
Commissioner cum Secretary to Government,
Department of Culture,
Government of Odisha

11.20A.M.- Guest of Honour : Sri Debi Prasad Mishra,
Hon’ble Minister
Tourism ,Culture and Higher Education

11.30A.M. - Chief Speaker : Dr. Dinanath Pathy,
Founder Principal
B.K. College of Art and Crafts.

11.40A.M. - Chief Guest : Sri Naveen Patnaik
Hon’ble Chief Minister, Odisha
will inaugurate
the Annual Art Exhibition and
release the Annual Exhibition Catalogue
(Special Issue),
Alumni Exhibition Catalogue
Unspoken Truth,.
Lay the foundation stone
of the Women’s Hostel,
dedicate the Men’s Hostel and
felicitate the teachers and staff members
of the College.

11.50A.M. - Vote of thanks : Dr. A.C. Sahoo,
Principal, B.K.College of Art and Crafts.

12 Noon - The Hon’ble Chief Minister will visit the
Hostel site and Exhibition Gallery.

Symposium – 3pm to5pm

Topic – Creative Communication

Guests of Honour : Prof. Acharya Bhabananda
Prof. Deba P. Patnaik
Prof. Sourindra Barik
Prof. Ganeswar Mishra
Sri Sampad Mohapatra

Interactors : Dr. Anup Kumar Chand
Dr. Chakradhar Behera
Sri Durga Patnaik
Dr. Dilip Kumar Tripathy ( to preside)
Dr. Pradosh Mishra (to co-ordinate)

6pm. To 8pm

Performances : Ghuduki Recital
by Guru Nilakantha Tarai and troupe

Drama : Evolution of Art by the students of BKCAC
Script by Sri Suresh Balbantray
Direction by Sri B.P.Moharatha,
Sri Darpa Sethi, former student of
Chitram School of Art and Crafts,

Stage Craft : Sri Sangram Maharana

Morning Session

9a.m. to 1.30 pm.

Theme: My Art, My College

Guests of Honour: Sri D.N.Rao
Sri Byomokesh Mohanty

Presenters: Sri Pratul Dash
Sri Bibhu Prasad Pattanaik
Smt. Pranati Panda
Sri Ashok Nayak
Sri Sambit Panda
Sri Sovan Kumar / Smt. Helen Bala Brahma
Sri Swasti Ranjan Ray
Sri ashis pahi
ANIMATION AND FILM MAKING=The new way of creative expression
1.introduction of animation--------- 5 mins
2.future prospects ---------------------5 mins
3.animation basics--------------------20 mins
4.different types of animation -----10 mins
5.animation film-------------------------30 mins

Afternoon session

3pm. to 5pm.

Guests of Honour: Sri Siba Panigrahi
Sri Ramahari Jena

Presenters: Sri Anjan Kumar Sahoo
Sri Jaganath Panda
Sri Meenaketan Pattanaik
Sri Pratap Jena
Sri Chintamani Biswal
Kumari Sonia

5.30P.M. - Invocation : Ghuduki Guru Nilakantha Tarai and troupe.

5.40P.M. -Welcome Address: Dr. Mona Sharma, I.A.S.
Commissioner cum Secretary to Government,
Department of Culture, Odisha.

5.25P.M. - Guest of Honour : Prof. Ajit Keshari Ray,
Former Principal
Government College of Art and Crafts,

5.35P.M.- Chief Speaker : Prof.Kanchan Chakraberti ,
Former Principal,
Kala Bhawan, Santiniketan.
5.45P.M.- Chief Guest : His Excellency Muralidhar Chadrakante Bhandare
Governor, Odisha
will release the Silver Jubilee special issue of
“Chitra”, a Journal of Art and Aesthetics,
and felicitate the former Students of the College.

5.55P.M.-Vote of Thanks : Dr. A.C. Sahoo,
Principal, B.K.College of Art and Crafts.

6 to 8pm. Performances : Sitar Recital
Sri Pratap Ray
Odissi Vocal
Dr. Sangeeta Gosain Mohapatra
Flute Recital
Sri Srinivas Satpathy
Sakhinata Nacha
Guru Santosh Padhi and troupe
Folk group from Mahanala, Sanakhemandi

Renewed Intensity
A Public Art & Site-specific art Workshop by artists

The schedule:
20-27 January 2010 Workshop
11 am to 6 pm

26-27 January 2010 Public Interaction
11 am to 8 pm

24 January 2010 Artist Presentation by participating artists
Initiator: Dr. Pradosh Mishra
Chief Guest: Prof, Deba Patnaik and Dr. Dinanath Pathy 5 pm

26 January 2010

Curated by Jagannath Panda

Rashtriya Lalit Kala Kendra, Kharavela Nagar, Unit-III, Bhubaneswar
Coordinators: Anjan Shaoo,Veejayant Dash, Pradosh Mishra,
Ashok Nayak, Sudershan Biswal

Monday, January 11, 2010

RENOWED INTENSITY, a Public Art and Site Specific Art Workshop

AlumniBKCAC presents Renowed  Intensity a public art and site specific art workshop on the eve of Silver Jubilee
The Schedule : 20 -27 jan 2010 11am -6pm Workshop
                        25-27 jan 2010 public interaction
                        24th jan 2010 Artist Presentation by participating artists
                        25th jan 2010 5pm Preview
Curated by Jagannath Panda
Venue: Rastriya Lalit Kala Kendra, Kharavel Nagar, Unit-III, Bhubaneswar

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year
Friday, January 01, 2010

Dear All,

New year is the time to unfold new horizons & realize new dreams, strength
& faith within us.

To rejoice in simple pleasures & gear up the new challenges. Life is
beautiful, Lets enjoy it...Wishing you and your family a very happy new

P.S. The Silver Jubilee will be celebrated for two days i.e. on 22.01.2010 and 23.1.2010.