Friday, January 7, 2011

SOLO Show by Ajay Mohanty at New Delhi

Started at Ashok Art Gallery, It will be on vew till 6th of february

little about: The art tradition in India is so very strong that artists adapt the visual elements with subtle changes to suit contemporary makeover. In the case of Ajay Mohanty, one could easily consider these remains. They have emerged with subtle aesthetic layers with focus on the compositional patter. Stylistically different though but the gestures and colour have strong reference points. The only deviation perhaps is that of the space treatment and that make it visual strong and appealing.His works hover on the verge of resolve, oscillating between fragile spaces and painterly surfaces arrived at by a variety of means. While his interest in painting's history is visible, each painting is treated as an open ended exploration. The work functions with its own internal logic yet is firmly rooted in the world of experience, displaying a gentle but insistent emotional undertow.

Each of the works on display require time and scrutiny to reveal their quiet intelligence and strong determination to capture the poetic capabilities of the artists' chosen medium. In this technology driven era, it is easy to forget the role of the handmade object and the importance it plays in a contemporary context. Not overly pretentious or garishly imposing, Ajay the artist in this exhibition force the viewer to look beneath what is literally seen to reveal questions about their mediums' historical burden.

Ajay Mohanty received his BFA from Utkal University at B.K. College of Art and Crafts, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, 1996, He was awarded by Lalitkala Academy as best child artists at his age 11, after his fine art education he shifted to Delhi and working on creative field, over the past five years, participated in numerous group shows.His works has been showcased in both the Indian Art Fair, India Art Summit, New Delhi and Art Expo India, Mumbai by Ashok Art Gallery.


The Ashok Art Gallery is internationally known for one of its most important holdings: more than 2000 major works by the world's most significant Artists.Over the past years, as Ashok Art Gallery has become a major centre for contemporary visual art, the Gallery has built a strong collection of contemporary work of different artists, we became a sponsor of the STANDUP-SPEAKOUT Artshow, Organized by Art Of Living Foundation and United Nations.Organized an International Contenmporary Art Exhibition including artists from USA, The Nederlands, Pakistan and India.We have also participated at Art Expo India 2008, 09 Mumbai and India Art Summit 2008 New Delhi.

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